Dedicated Consulting's Nick Donaldson is one of the leading RADIUS consultants available today, as a Google Search will show. Nick has built an array of complex custom RADIUS systems and is expert in troubleshooting faulty systems.

When your RADIUS server goes down, you need a fast response! Contract Dedicated Consulting to be on call and your users will be back online in no time. We have an excellent record in finding and fixing problems and bringing dialup systems back up in just hours instead of days.
Prepaid Dialup

We have built several prepaid dialup systems from the ground up and optimized other existing systems, and this has given us a unique insight into the particular needs and peculiarities of prepaid systems and how best to manage account tracking and time decrement. If your company is considering expanding into the new and exciting revenue stream that is prepaid, we can help you get your new system up and making money in the shortest time possible.
Database Connectivity

A heavy-use RADIUS system needs an optimized backend database for both authentication and accounting. Dedicated Consulting has high-level experience in integrating and optimizing databases on many platforms (in particular, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL on Solaris, Linux and Windows) for use with RADIUS.
Advance Realm Routing

RADIUS realms are a great technique for routing and tracking users, especially if you are wholesaling access. However, they can be tricky to set up and manage, so give Dedicated Consulting a call and let us take care of all your realm headaches.
Complex RADIUS Configurations

While RADIUS was designed for simple dialup authentication, it is possible to configure it to do sometimes remarkable things. We have a great deal of experience in tweaking RADIUS to expand its functional envelope.

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