Whenever you have a technical question or problem, simply pick up the phone and help is a quick call away.
Desktop and Server Support

We will advise you on what hardware you need and keep all your workstations and servers running smoothly - if it breaks, give us a call! No more worrying about upgrades, repairs, software installation or hardware conflicts, Dedicated Consulting will take care of it all.
PC & Printer Repair and Maintenance

Hardware failure can be be caused by many things but is always distressing. Dedicated Consulting will keep your office machines working hard for you with proactive servicing and be on call to get you back up and running in the event of calamity.
Email Problems

Have you ever had your email stop working? Dedicated Consulting will always be on call to ensure that this most essential of modern communication channels remains open for you at all times.
Virus Removal

Dedicated Consulting will sweep all your computers for viruses and remove any infections we find. In addition, we will setup fulltime protection with a regular schedule of updates to prevent future infections.
Software Advice & Training

We know how hard it can be to not only select the right software but also to get up to speed in using it - let us share our wide ranging software experience by helping you choose and learn any new software.

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